Pakistan's economy is hamstrung by the failure of successive governments to get to grips with the lack of infrastructure. And with a population fast approaching 200 million, Pakistan's economy is losing up to six percent of GDP just because of a lack of power and infrastructure bottlenecks.
Now Beijing has unveiled plans to invest $46bn in the world's sixth-most populous country. The One-Belt-One-Road project to connect inner China with the Middle East and Europe is linked to $33bn worth of energy projects and coal-fired electricity plants and almost $10bn on road and rail projects.

Money will flow through Chinese banks to Chinese companies which will employ Chinese workers - just what China needs to stimulate growth.

What is China's interest in Pakistan? And what will Pakistan get out of it?
Nicole Johnston reports from Islamabad. And Asad Ali, an analyst with IHS Global Insight, joins Counting the Cost to discuss Pakistan-China relations, and how the One-Belt-One-Road project will affect Pakistan and its people.

Source: Al Jazeera