In this special edition of Counting the Cost we focus on the energy sector and the place of women within it.

In Doha we have had the inaugural Women in Energy Summit, so we assembled a panel of experts to discuss the place of women within the energy sector.

Why are so many women, particularly in the Middle East and the Gulf, studying to enter the energy sector, but just are not getting the jobs? What are the biggest issues in 2015? What are the challenges facing women in the energy sector? How do you tackle social and cultural factors that prevent women from really advancing their careers?

Joining us on this panel are: Marie Jose Nadeau, the chair of the World Energy Council; Nawal al-Fezai, Kuwait's representative at OPEC and the assistant undersecretary for economic affairs at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Oil; and Nathalie Rush, the head of Human Resources at Maersk Oil Qatar.

Source: Al Jazeera