Manila is home to nearly 12 million people, many of whom live in poor, even dangerous conditions. So local authorities have plan to relocate shantytown residents and offer them a new chance in life.

The goal is to move more than half a million people by 2016. The people are also being helped to find ways to earn a living, like taught how to run a store, or work with their hands.

Victor Balba, from the National Housing Authority, says: "At first, definitely, we had problems with the movement of these families. However, when we do the intensive social preparation, everything goes well and we are happy to say that we are moving those people and we are providing them what they want, considering those developed areas they chose, they're the ones who chose those areas."

So is this an achievable and sustainable goal?

Al Jazeera's Marga Ortigas reports from the Philippines' capital.

Source: Al Jazeera