A new event on the international sporting calendar, the European Games, will have its inaugural outing in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in June 2015.

It will see about 50 countries, 20 sports and 6,000-plus athletes vying for sporting and international glory. But Azerbaijan, like so many nations dependent on commodities, has got some problems. Oil makes up 95 percent of Azerbaijan's exports and 75 percent of its revenue, so with the price of oil as low as it is, that spells trouble.

The currency has been devalued by one-third, and budgets are tight - at a time when Azerbaijan wants to show off its capital city to the world.

Simon Clegg, the chief operating officer of Baku 2015, spoke to our sport presenter Joanna Gasiorowska about the importance of the European Games to Azerbaijan.

Source: Al Jazeera