Despite many years of war, there was an economy of sorts in Afghanistan. But now that the war is over and foreign troops have left, business is suffering. Economic growth has slumped from an average rate of 9 percent a year to 3-4 percent since the troops pulled out.

Most men in Afghanistan had jobs that were somehow linked to the war. They were working for NGOs, the military, or on construction projects, but now the work is gradually drying up. 

All over Kabul hundreds of people are waiting on the side of the road looking for a job, for an employer to come by and pick them up. But with the country's unemployment rate rising, the chances of them getting a job are looking very remote.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says the economy can no longer rely on foreign aid and the focus should be on developing mineral resources. But this will take time.

So what is next for Afghanistan and its people? Nicole Johnston reports from Kabul.

Source: Al Jazeera