In this era we use tablets and smartphones to control a lot of our lives. But a former member of the notorious hacking group Anonymous has told us we do not seem to realise just how vulnerable they are when buying and using internet connected devices.

Cybercrime and hacking is now a huge issue, and the insurance giant Allianz included it in its Top 10 Global Business Risks for 2014. Predictably things like business and supply interruption, natural catastrophes and fire are at the top of the list, loss of reputation or brand comes in at number six. Cybercrime is only at number eight, but for the first time it has even made it into the top 10.

Phil Lavelle has more from the World Web Summit in Dublin, and we also talk to Richard Ryan, Willis Group's executive director, about the increased cyber risk, and how you actually insure against it.

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Source: Al Jazeera