Is it the end of empire for old style media mogul Rupert Murdoch because of his cosy relationship with politicians and the police?

What started as a tabloid scandal over phone hacking in the UK is now infecting his newspapers, TV stations and other interests worldwide. The costs are already enormous. Apart from the billions of dollars wiped off the value of his News Corporation, there have already been resignations from among Britain's top policemen and the British government's stability is under threat. David Cameron, the British prime minister, is struggling to justify why he employed a former News of the World editor who is implicated in the hacking scandal.

On this episode of Counting the Cost we take a closer look at the role of of public relations in the Murdoch case; just how big his empire is and how hard it may fall; and the damages caused to some of the world's biggest media names - including the impact on upcoming Murdoch ventures such as Sky News Arabia

Also under attack, the euro and a second bailout for Greece. France and Germany have reached a common position on Greece's debt problem, ahead of a crucial summit. But is the second bailout package agreed in Brussels enough to stop the euro from sinking too?

And Apple is on course to become the most valuable company on the planet, surpassing oil giant Exxon Mobil.  Overall Apple sold $28bn worth of tech stuff, sending profits rocketing 125 per cent to a new record high of more than $7bn. 

Also the US' iconic flying machine retires to a museum - so what price now for NASA to put Americans into space?


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Source: Al Jazeera