Where to now for Greece? Battle on, default, or even get out of the eurozone?

Greece is looking more and more like it will default on its debt. Europe is forcing Greece to push through more austerity measures before it gets any more money, and bond holders are being asked to take some losses by rolling over debt.

George Papandreou, the Greek prime minister, said his government was committed to pushing the austerity plans through parliament to "build a new Greece". He confirmed that he had no intention of leaving the euro as it would result in "immediate default".

There is just enough confidence in the parliament, but will Athens finally admit it needs to default on its debt? And what is the possibilty of a two-tier Eurozone?

Also a new megaport in Saudi Arabia, but will it bring jobs to the country's youth?

And rising Asia - Italian fashion house Prada gives up on Milan for Hong Kong, but is it a fashion fad or economic reality? 
We also take a look at the centrepiece of McLaren Automotive's retail venture, asking the boss who is buying quarter-of-a-million dollar sports cars these days.


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Source: Al Jazeera