Forgive me ... this is not a real blog. Rather a place-filler blog which I'm hastily bashing out on my iPad because of the fantastic response we got to this particular show.

To be honest, I was a bit snowed under and didn't manage to post my weekly ramble. I thought I might get away with it, but all week I got dozens of tweets and messages from people saying they really enjoyed it. So I thought I'd better make sure that show got posted on the CTC page, with an explanation!

We focus mostly on the big military deal between the US and Saudi Arabia, but there's also some sobering stuff on the poverty line in the US, plus a look back at the collapse of Lehman Brothers two years on.

Something for everyone, I hope. Please keep tweeting me with thoughts and suggestions if you get a moment - @AJCountingCost is my twitter name.

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Source: Al Jazeera