Hello folks,

Just a quick blog this week. It's my first week back from holiday and I'll admit I'm still a bit sluggish. Anyone who's travelled with small children knows that it can be quite a draining experience!

But I'm very pleased that in my first show back, we're getting back to the roots of what this programme is about – underreported places, and the cost to be counted there.

This week it's South Africa, and there is a lot to think about:

• HSBC is one of the world's biggest banks, so what opportunities does it see in going after South Africa's NedBank?

• What happened to the supposed big economic fillip from the World Cup? Q2 growth numbers came out this week and they were well below expectations

• Strikes keep hitting the country – so how can it grow when the people have so many grievances about working?

Also look out for a feature on something called "net neutrality" and a battle between "The Pipes" (who own, build and maintain the world's internet infrastructure) and "The Swipes" (the internet companies who make their billions by using that infrastructure, but don't necessarily pay for it!).  It's an intriguing battle, and we'll speak to Rob Cox from Reuters in New York about it.

Gotta fly, see you on the TV, or drop me a line on twitter!

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Source: Al Jazeera