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So apologies for the one-week layoff … we had some unforeseen circumstances in the AJE newsroom last week which forced us to shelve our usual weekly appointment with you. But we are back now, and jam-packed with stories!

This week, while President Barack Obama and the leaders of around 40 other nations are in Washington DC talking nuclear arsenals, we are looking at what I call "the other nuclear arsenal" – in other words, nuclear power.

I was amazed to learn in our editorial meeting this week just how comparatively cheap nuclear power is – when you line it up next to fossil fuels, solar energy, hydro energy, etc. 

Having lived in Doha for four and half years and seen day after day of brutal endless sunshine, I have always wondered why there hasn't been more of a take-up in solar energy, particularly in this part of the world. 

Turns out solar technology is very expensive, and probably not as cost-effective as other forms of energy. My theory though is that the sunshine is unlikely to run out any time soon, so maybe it is worth the long-term investment? 

Anyway, that will be one point of discussion … nuclear energy, and the business and money behind it. We will speak to Jan Horst Keppler, a principal economist at the OECD's Nuclear Energy Agency.

Also, Greece. We have covered it a lot on Counting the Cost and the man who has done that in chief is our Athens correspondent Barnaby Philips. As luck would have it, he is in Doha this week and will join us in the studio for a chat about the latest European bailout.

And in a segment rescued from last week's aborted show … the iPad! Now I freely admit I am an Apple "fan boy", but I'm not entirely sold on the iPad just yet. I have an iPhone which I'm very happy with, and as far as I can see the iPad is just a big iPhone (wait for it …) without a phone! 

Still there are plenty of others out there who say it could be a game changer, particularly for the publishing industry. We will hear from The Guardian newspaper's Jemima Kiss, who writes extensively on technology and digital media. You can read her stuff here and, if you are on twitter, I would thoroughly recommend following her here.

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Source: Al Jazeera