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Hello folks,

One word to start things off this week … insurance. No, don't stop reading! I know it can sound extraordinarily boring, but stop and think for a moment.

We all use it, we all need it. Own a car or a house or anything of major value, and you need insurance. 

And there have been some interesting movements in insurance in the last week or s0 - most notably the impending purchase by British giant Prudential of AIG's Asian business.

That is the very same AIG which needed a billion-dollar bailout from the US government last year - one of those "too big to fail" things. Way to pay things back!

What is more interesting though is the huge NEGATIVE reaction there has been on Prudential's share price.

Two days after the deal it had lost one fifth of its value - proof that there are still so many jitters in financial circles, especially insurance.

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A CTC experiment: Spot the Toyota in Doha

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So we'll look at that, as well as the ongoing Toyota story - but with a twist.

See, here in the Middle East you can't drive anywhere without seeing a Toyota.

In fact, chances are you're driving one yourself!

Actually, if you've not heard of a Toyota Landcruiser before, then have a look at this – you can't avoid the things here. 

They have about 80 per cent of the SUV market cornered, which is pretty impressive.  

All up there is an absolute love-affair with the brand in the Middle East and we've decided to investigate that.

Just how does one car dominate such a big market? And it really is a big market. 

Broadly speaking it is too hot to walk anywhere, sidewalks are not commonplace, there is major construction everywhere ... you just have to have a car in this part of the world.

Anyway keep an eye out for Roza Imbrogimova's report on that, and also check out the video we've embedded on this page. 

It is a little experiment I tried here in Doha (worked beautifully, by the way) which speaks to that phrase "the car in front is a Toyota". Couldn't be more true than in Doha; check it out.

Hope you can join us this week for Counting the Cost!

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Source: Al Jazeera