María Libertad Márquez is a cultural journalist from Bogotá, Colombia
My name is María Libertad Márquez and I am a cultural journalist from Bogotá, Colombia.

My country has suffered war and bloodshed for 40 years but now thousands of people are drawing on art to raise their voices and contribute to the construction of a different future, a different country, a different society.

Colombia hosts a number of international cultural events, such as the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro, one of the largest theatre festivals in the world, Rock al Parque and Hip Hop al Parque, the largest free rock and hip-hop festivals in Latin America, the Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena.

We also have our version of the Hay Festival in Cartagena and thousands of other international, national and local artistic initiatives.

It is a tremendously diverse country and art flourishes all around.

The stories covered by Artsworld are very important to Colombians as they enable the world to see another side of Colombia rather than just the violence and drug trafficking that many associate with the country.

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Source: Al Jazeera