Filmmaker: Ioan Grillo and John Dickie

For years, a group of 25,000 Afro-Colombian refugees and migrants have built a town on stilts over the sea at the edge of Buenaventura on Colombia's Pacific coast.

Today, the Colombian government is attempting to relocate the entire community to an inland barrio so that it can develop a commercial port and tourist beaches.

Community leaders are trying to resist the eviction or at least fight for decent compensation as the move would not only rob residents of their homes but of their main livelihood - fishing.

To rally for the cause, activist Benildo Estupinan has organised local musicians and singers to compose songs that raise consciousness.

From that call, a collective of 30 singers and musicians was formed and given the name "Marcando Territorio" or Defending Territory. They are organising concerts, rallies and recording songs in defence of their homes and lives.



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Source: Al Jazeera