A groundbreaking Al Jazeera series telling the stories of activists around the world as they challenge authority, take direct action and stand up for what they believe in.

Africa Investigates

African journalists risk their lives in order to reveal the truth about corruption and abuse across the continent.

Al Jazeera Frames

Al Jazeera's pick of the most moving, beautiful and quirky short films from around the world.


A series on the Palestinian 'catastrophe' of 1948 that led to dispossession and conflict that still endures.

The Arab Awakening

As revolution shakes the Arab world, a series of films explore the roots of the uprisings and ask 'what next'?


A look at the creative forces behind many of the world's headlines.

Artscape: Poets of Protest

Poets of Protest delves into the soul of the Middle East with intimate profiles of six contemporary poets, as they struggle to lead, to interpret and to inspire.


Artsworld looks at how people across the globe are using the arts to bring about social change in their communities, highlight injustice and provoke political reform.

Aung San Suu Kyi

A dialogue with the recently released Burmese dissident about democracy, conflict, and the need for reconciliation.

Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark

The story of the Arab revolution that was abandoned by the Arabs, forsaken by the West and forgotten by the world.


Exploring maternal health and the power, politics and poverty that impacts it around the world.

The Cafe

The Café is a bold talk and discussion show set in cafes around the world in which we hear the fluid and explosive conversations of local leaders and experts.

China Rising

A four-part series that gives a rare insight into the country on the move, with history in tow.

Class of 1990

Twenty years after Iraq's invasion, former classmates dispersed by the war reunite.

Crossroads Sudan

As the world waits to see whether the south will secede, we look at what is at stake for Sudan.

Egypt Burning

Through interviews with correspondents on the ground, Al Jazeera tells the story of 18 days when history was made.


From Bosnia to Lebanon, Everywoman meets women endangering their lives to help others.

Faces of China

Documentaries by Chinese filmmakers reveal the untold drama behind the rise of the new China.

Focus on Gaza

Focus on Gaza asks if Israel can still rely on the unwavering support of the US.

Football Rebels

Former Manchester United star Cantona presents a series on five footballers who made their mark on and off the pitch.

Gaza under Siege

We find out what happens when a war is waged on a besieged area, where half of the population is below the age 18.

Gaza Under Fire: One Month On

Since the start of the latest Israeli offensive, Palestinians ponder how they will be able to rebuild their lives.

I knew Mandela

Who was the man behind the legend? We get an insight into Nelson Mandela's life through the eyes of people who knew him

Indian Hospital

A unique observational documentary series that shines a light on Indian society as it is rarely seen.

Inside Egypt

Dissecting and debating the challenges facing post-revolutionary Egypt.

Inside Iraq

Dissecting and debating the challenges facing Iraq.

Inside Syria

As the Syrian uprising rages on, this weekly show examines events inside the country.