'Trust me' - I am an algorithm

Algorithms are not neutral. They are full of bias, misunderstandings and human prejudices. So, can we trust them?

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Trust is fundamental to all our relationships - not just with our family and friends. We trust banks with our money, we trust doctors with our most personal information.

But what happens to trust in a world driven by algorithms? As more and more decisions are made for us by these complex pieces of code, the question that comes up is inevitable: Can we trust algorithms?

Join Ali Rae in this first episode of All Hail The Algorithm - a five-part series exploring the effect of these invisible codes on our everyday lives.

In this episode, Rae speaks to Asher Wolf about Australia's robo-debt scandal, Virginia Eubanks about how inequality is being automated and Sharad Goel about COMPAS - an algorithm being used in courts across the United States to assist with sentencing.

Source: Al Jazeera