Al Jazeera Correspondent Adam Raney's family immigrated to the United States from a small German village in the 1800s. It took generations for his family to feel part of America, and today, centuries later, millions more immigrants from other parts of the world are facing similar challenges related to identity and belonging.

Through the story of three generations of Adam's family , he seeks to explore the evolution of racism and migration in his country, examining how policies and attitudes towards migrants and minorities have evolved.

Adam meets local community members in Brownsville, Tennessee, to talk about the new wave of immigration and what changing population dynamics mean for America and the people that live there.  

Eben Cathey - Communication coordinator at TIRRC, The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugees Rights Coalition:


Lisa Steele - Asst. dean of Intercultural affairs, Lipscomb University:


Tom Negri - Retired hotel manager:


Lauren Strauss - Judaic Studies Professor at the American University and George Washington University in Washington D.C.:


Source: Al Jazeera