"What makes this series particularly 'Al Jazeera' is that we look for stories that may not make it anywhere else, that may not be necessarily the one you would, as a reflex, go and have made. And in many ways that is what I like most about the series - that these are stories you won't find elsewhere," says Farid Barsoum, the executive producer of  Al Jazeera Correspondent

Here, he shares a behind-the-scenes look at the series, from the inspiration behind it to the most powerful stories and their most endearing characters.

How did the idea for the Al Jazeera Correspondent series come about?


How do you choose the right person to tell their story?


What combination of ingredients makes the best film?


How do you approach viewings?


Is there a personal story that worked particularly well for the series?


Tell us about your favourite Al Jazeera Correspondentepisode?