Wolf Hunter

Siberian hunter Ion Maxsimovic has full support of the state to curb the exploding wolf population [Al Jazeera]

In Siberia, wolves are killing reindeer by the thousands, pushing the government to create a bounty system to curtail the wolf population.

In 2017, roaming wolf packs were responsible for the killing of livestock, including 9,000 reindeer, costing the state $2.5m and pushing indigenous communities into poverty.

State-recognised Hunter Maxsimovic used to hunt sable, but since 2013 he has switched to full-time wolf hunting - not just for the money but also to protect a way of life.

"I get a bounty for my work as a wolf hunter," says Maxsimovic, who also gets subsidised fuel and ammunition from the state. "The main problem is wolves, [because] they started to kill reindeer. Three or four years from now, our children won't see those animals."

Tiger Bones and Bear Bile

Barking deer, wild pig, buffalo and bears have all fallen victim to the hunting habits of villagers near the Natma Taung National Park. The park is too large for a single ranger to control [Al Jazeera]

There are only around 3,000 wild tigers left on the planet.

In the jungles of Myanmar, killing one of them can earn you a small fortune.

While Myanmar officially banned the trafficking of endangered animals over two decades ago, demand for tiger and bear parts - for medicine, cuisine and sexual stimulants - means that the trade continues to exist.

"The gall bladders of bears are valuable because Chinese people want to buy them," says a village elder who has turned to hunting due to the need for money. "They also want tiger skin and teeth. People hunt for them to try and make some money." 

Source: Al Jazeera