The War Inside

Dahabo (centre) has recovered from her mental illness after experiencing severe marital emotional abuse [Al Jazeera]

After decades of civil war, an estimated one-third of Somalia's population suffers from mental health problems.

With only three months of training, Dr Abdulrahman Ali Awale works in a bare-bones clinic to overhaul the country's treatment and perception of mental illness. 

"The mental health situation in Somalia is very serious," says Awale.

"Mental illness is a normal disease. Mental illness can be cured. This is a normal person. That's the message."

Ambulance Dada

Karimul Haque's motorcycle ambulance has helped save more than 4,000 lives [Al Jazeera]

When Karimul Haque's mother died because she couldn't get to a hospital, he swore no one else in his village, Dhalabari, India, would suffer the same fate.

For the last 15 years, he's used his motorcycle as an ambulance and has saved more than 4,000 lives. People call him 'Ambulance Dada' [brother].

"I told myself my mother died, but other people shouldn't die like her," says Haque.

"I take villagers who need help to the hospital for free. I want to take people to hospital quickly, so no-one has regret in their hearts."

Rescue Operation

Marissa Begonia is fighting to change laws enabling employers to exploit migrant domestic workers [Al Jazeera]

In the UK, some employers exploit and abuse migrant domestic workers, and many workers have little recourse because their visas are tied to their employers.

Marissa Begonia, who came to the UK from the Philippines, fights to change the law and helps workers who have few options to escape their dangerous circumstances.

"I came from the Philippines and couldn't even imagine working abroad," says Begonia. "It's a situation that you either do domestic work or prostitution."  

Source: Al Jazeera