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  • More than 100 journalists have been killed or disappeared in Mexico since 2000
  • Since 2011, 110 journalists have been killed in Syria 
  • A total of 115 journalists were killed in 2016



Son of War

Freelance photojournalist Ahmed Deeb has been travelling to Syria for years.

He is one of the few journalists still actively documenting the conflict.

While his images of fighters and everyday Syrians alike travel the globe, his work is poorly paid and highly dangerous. 

The Deadliest Beat

It's not necessary to carry a gun to fight, a camera ... is also a weapon.

Ahmed Khatir, journalist in Sudan

The daily headlines in the Mexican media are often filled with stories of death and violence.

The crimes often remain unsolved but journalists at the weekly newspaper Riodece risking their lives to report the grim truth about Mexico's violent drug war.

The journalists tackle the complex politics behind the war on drugs, chasing stories that point to collusion and corruption in high places. 

Eyes of Nuba

For Ahmed Khatir, when war broke out between Sudan's government and Nuban rebels in June 2011, he watched, powerless, as Sudanese soldiers burned his family's home.

But instead of taking up arms to join the rebels he decided to join a group of citizen journalists who are determined to make the world take notice as another African conflict unfolds.

Source: Al Jazeera News