Children sitting on the steps of a mosque 
In this episode of 48, Amanda and the crew take to the streets of India's vibrant, frenetic, ever-changing capital, Delhi.

Guided by local journalist Sapna Bhatia, they discover three very different sides of the city: the colonial New Delhi, the Old City's Muslim community and the new booming business district.

The crew arrives in India on one of the busiest weekends in the Hindu calendar, the Janmashtmi festival, which marks Lord Krishna's birthday. 

Travelling on foot, by rickshaw, and via the brand new metro, 48 gets a crash course on how young Indians are balancing the demands of their modern, but still traditional, urban lives. 


Do Indians really believe in the Bollywood dream? Does the caste system still decide one's fate? Are love marriages taking over from arranged ones? And what do young Indians really think of their graveyard shifts in the city's ever growing call centres?


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