The Spy Cables captured headlines the world over – and was described as massive and unprecedented in newspapers as far afield as China as South America.

A leak of hundreds of secret intelligence papers from agencies all over the world, offering a glimpse into the murky world of espionage.
Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit is publishing a selection of the documents and the stories contained within them. 

Evidence that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu misled the United Nations lead news in a number of countries.

The CIA’s desire to talk to Hamas; snooping on the head of Greenpeace; a plot to kill the head of the African Union; all grabbed global attention.

In the first of two programmes, we assess the impact of Al Jazeera’s release of hundreds of classified documents – ranging from confidential to top secret - the widest-ranging leak of intelligence papers ever.

Presenter: David Foster


David Maynier , in Cape Town - Member of South African Parliament and opposition Deputy Minister of State Security.

Justice Malala , in Johannesburg - political analyst

Ferial Haffajee , on set - the editor of the South African weekly newspaper, The City Press

Source: Al Jazeera