As the Palestinian fatalities from the war on Gaza near a thousand people Al Jazeera presents a special programme, Gaza - The Road To War, on how both parties reached this violent state of affairs.

Al Jazeera English has provided comprehensive and innovative coverage on the situation in Israel and Palestine since its launch more than two years ago.

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Gaza - The Road to War

Residents of the Gaza Strip have experienced military occupation, civil war, an economic blockade and international isolation.

Yet back in 2005, Gazans celebrated a new era of peace and even prosperity. Al Jazeera investigates why it has all gone wrong and how the present conflict began.

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Witness - The Gaza Fixer


From our award-winning Witness strand, The Gaza Fixer is a powerful programme about a man in Gaza who, during the course of filming, has 18 members of his family killed by Israeli bombardment.

To watch part two click here.

God's Chariot


A special one-hour documentary exploring the myth of Israeli military invincibility by examining the history of the Merkava tank.

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One Shot


One Shot is a powerful and disturbing film about Israeli army snipers disclosing their feelings about killing and the after effects it has on them.

Please note: This programme is not available to view on demand due to broadcast rights issues, but see our website article by Al Jazeera journalist Greg Norman for an interview with filmmaker Nurit Kedar.

Shooting the Messenger


Shooting the Messenger is a one-hour documentary on journalists under fire, which includes an exclusive interview with Fadl Shanaa, the Palestinian journalist killed in Gaza, in April 2008, by Israeli fire.

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Witness - Young Freud in Gaza


Young Freud in Gaza is a Witness special about a young Palestinian psychotherapist named Ayed who runs a clinic in Gaza for people traumatised by violence.

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A Nation In Waiting


With Egypt's stance on Gaza currently under the spotlight, we re-ran A Nation In Waiting – a one-hour documentary on the Mubarak years.

To watch part two, part three and part four click here.

Coming soon...

Next week we plan to run Frontiers of Dreams & Hopes, a one-hour film following two Palestinian refugee girls and their extraordinary journey to the borders of exile separating them from their homeland and from each other; and a re-run of Palestine Street, two one-hour documentaries showing the human story behind the 1948 'Nakba', the defining development which is so linked to the ongoing bloody events in present-day Gaza. Please check our schedule for airing times.

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Source: Al Jazeera