Across India, there is less than one doctor for every 1000 people.

But shuttling across the Indian railway network is a hospital on wheels that brings hope to many - the Lifeline Express.

With medical care often too expensive or too far away for those in rural areas, people come from far and wide when the train pulls into a town.

People like the family of four-year-old Aditya and his brother Virat.

Born with cerebral palsy, Aditya and Virat had been unable to walk. But after travelling with their parents from their small village four hours away, the brothers are cleared for surgery on the hospital train.

They are not the only patients who will receive life-changing treatment.

From cleft lips to cataracts, patients undergo operations for free in one of the carriages that has been transformed into an operating theatre.

101 East boards India's Lifeline Express and follows doctors on their journey to deliver healthcare to some of India's neediest.

Source: Al Jazeera