For months, Thailand has been threatening to explode. The so-called red shirt protesters, many of them supporters of Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand's former prime minister, have demonstrated on the streets of Bangkok, calling for parliament to be dissolved and for new elections to be held.

At times the crisis inched towards a peaceful resolution. As the international community urged calm, Abhisit Vejjajiva, Thailand's prime minister, offered to hold elections in November if the red shirts stopped occupying the centre of Bangkok.

When the red shirts accepted the offer but made fresh demands, the government's patience wore thin.

Armoured vehicles moved in to the red shirts camp, shots were fired on the streets and the death toll from the two-month conflict rose again.

Despite some of the red shirts leaders surrendering, many of the protesters decided to continue their stand, setting buildings ablaze across the city.

101 East takes a look back at the events leading up to the battle In Bangkok.

Battle in Bangkok can be seen from Saturday, May 22, at the following times GMT: Saturday: 0530, 1730; Sunday: 1130; Monday: 1630; Tuesday: 1430; Wednesday: 0830; Thursday: 0630.

Source: Al Jazeera