Maldives security forces surrounded
a makeshift mosque

On the September 29, the peace of the tropical island nation of the Maldives was shattered when a bomb exploded in the country's capital, Male. Twelve tourists were injured. The government blamed it on Islamic radicals.

Just a few days after the explosion, Maldives security forces surrounded a makeshift mosque in Himandhoo, a small island community of just a few hundred. Seventy masked men were holed up inside with swords, clubs, and iron bars.

The police went in with force. Thirty-four officers were injured, as were an undisclosed number of suspects. One policeman had his hand severed by a sword. At least 50 people were arrested.
The programme looks at the so-called "terror connection" in the Maldives and asks, how could this happen in a nation best known for honeymooning couples and white sand beaches?

101 East travelled to the Maldives and hosted a debate with panelists: Mohammed Nasheed, the chairman of the Maldivian Democratic Party – the main political opposition party, Mohammed Nasheed, the information minister, and Umar Naseer, the chairman of the Islamic Democratic Party.

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This episode of 101 East aired on Thursday November 01, 2007

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