A member of the Iban tribe
For a special Tribes of Borneo programme, the 101 East team spent several weeks travelling across the island to film with different tribes and hear their stories.
We spent time with the Penan - one of the few truly nomadic rainforest tribes in the world. Still hunting with blowpipes and spears, they depend entirely on the forest.

They spoke to us about how the logging companies are taking all of that away from them.
We also filmed with members of the Iban tribe who were once feared warriors and headhunters.

They told us how the young are increasingly turning their backs on the Iban way of life, leaving the older members of the tribe as the last custodians of traditions that stretch back centuries.

Part one

Part two 


This episode of 101 East aired from Thursday, August 11, 2008




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Source: Al Jazeera