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Excellent report!!! But first, I want to congratulate the 101 East team for the good job they made about Myanmar,(Burma ASEAN) for months you have been talked about the dramatic situations in Myanmar, you gave the oppressed the chance to expose their misery when nobody was interested about them. And This deserve to be congratulated.
Natalg01 - France

Thank you. This ethnic and religious problem in Malaysia (Malaysia's conversion controversy) is still a big issue, temporarily swept under the carpet.
U Shafik - Malaysia

I'd like to thank teymoor nabili for bringing up this case for discussion, (Malaysia's conversion controversy) for as he mentioned in the programme, there are not many, if at all, discussions in malaysia or elsewhere, about thorny religious and racial issues. your choice of guests were also spot on.
M Hafidz - United Kingdom

It is a shame that the so-called super powers were looking on while millions of people were being killed (Victims of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge). The sad truth is that in Cambodia there are no petroleum wells.

Apostasy is not punishable by humans (Malaysia's Conversion Controversy). Stop trying to be so extreme about Islam, so extreme to a point that it discontinues being Islam.

Wait did he just say that some Muslims were calling for her death and that was a little bit misguided (Malaysia's Conversion Controversy). How about immensely wrong?

An excellent show (Child Labour in Asia) but it stopped at the most interesting point - the ILO's blanket prohibition on child labour is a simplistic approach that is likely to result in an increase in misery for many children and families. Child labour needs to be monitored, not prohibited.

Solid reporting (Thai Press Censorship) on an undercovered story.

Mr Bolt spoke very persuasively (The Case of David Hicks). It is difficult to place any store on the father, Terry Hicks, except to note that he loves and supports his son. One might wish that he had been more attentive to his son's needs when he was growing up, not waiting for him to be captured fighting alongside the Taliban. He is lucky he was not killed.

The guilt or innocence of David Hicks (The Case of David Hicks) should not be the major issue in this debate. Teymoor Nabili states the need for a "higher standard of proof". I have one question for all. Is torture an acceptable way to gain proof? Of course this is not real proof. I am an Australian and I am disgusted at my government and the US government. Until the torturers are brought to justice I will not welcome a US military presence in my country.