Wilza Lubis, co-producer of Long Road to Heaven
A monument has been built in memory of the 202 people that were killed in the Bali bombing of October 2002.

Now, almost five years on from that tragic date, a new film has been made that tells the story of not only the victims but also of the bombers and of the people of Bali.

The feature film Long Road to Heaven is based on the Bali bombings, which claimed the lives of both locals and tourists.

The filmmakers say its message is explicitly anti-terrorist and that its very title is intended as a denial of the idea that martydom is a shortcut to paradise.

However, survivors and the relatives of victims still have their concerns.

101 East asks whether it is still too soon to re-examine the tragedy.

Wilza Lubis, the film's co-producer, Peter Hughes, a survivor of the bombings, and Surya Saputra, an Indonesian actor and star of Long Road to Heaven, join Teymoor Nabili on this episode of 101 East.

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This episode of 101 East aired from 11 May 2007

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