Australia's controversial Islamic leader,
Sheikh al-Hilali
After six months of keeping his head down, Australia's controversial Islamic leader Sheikh al-Hilali is back and in the spotlight on this episode of 101 East

Sheikh al-Hilali says he is a misunderstood moderate, peaceful Muslim and a responsible, patriotic Australian.

The Australian media and government present a completely different picture.

It is a picture full of controversy. 

In a sermon at his mosque in Sydney, al-Hilali compared 'immodestly dressed' women to uncovered meat.

He has also been criticised for his claims that Muslims have more right to be in Australia than Anglo-Saxon convicts and that westerners are dishonest and unjust. 

He has also been quoted as saying that 9/11 was God's work against oppressors.

Australian Jewish organistations regularly accuse him of anti-semitism, a charge he strongly denies and al-Hilali says his comments are often taken out of context.

He says he loves his adopted country and even declares himself more Australian than John Howard.

In this exclusive interview 101 East's Teymoor Nabili talks to Sheikh al-Hilali about his political and gender views.

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This episode of 101 East aired from 18 May 2007

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