Video Duration 47 minutes 30 seconds
From: Witness

Our Time Machine: A Story of Love and Loss

Shaken by his father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, a Chinese artist sets out to create a magical play based on their lives.

When influential Chinese artist Maleonn learns his father, famed Peking opera director Ma Ke, has Alzheimer’s disease, he knows time is short. Their shared remembrances will soon disappear. In a last-ditch effort to preserve them, the two embark on one of their greatest journeys.

They collaborate on a haunting autobiographical stage performance called Papa’s Time Machine which features magical life-size mechanical puppets. In the play, a scientist constructs a time machine so that his father can relive some of their happiest memories.

Together, they race against time to stage the show before Ma Ke’s recollections are lost forever.


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