Video Duration 25 minutes 05 seconds
From: Witness

Street Life in Lagos

Searching for a better life, many immigrants are struggling to survive in the world’s fastest growing megacity.

Filmmaker: Joe Loncraine

Lagos, Nigeria’s financial capital, is one of the fastest growing megacities on earth. Every day thousands of people arrive in the biggest city in Africa to start a new life and forge a new, better future. Many come from outside Nigeria.

Jean and Christian, both teachers, are from Benin. They came to Lagos to seek their fortunes and live and work in one of the most famous slums in Africa, Makoko. Here they take us on a journey of their adopted city, showing us the spirit of enterprise and survival that its residents need to make a living.

A canoe or a motorbike can make a huge difference, while those with a generator or those scavaging the rubbish heaps all try to get by in this tough, vibrant city.