The Talking Cure - Witness - 01
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The Talking Cure

In Buenos Aires a popular radio talk show is run by asylum inmates.

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Filmmakers: Rodrigo Vazquez and Simon Deeley

Buenos Aires is a city where everybody is going mad, according to the locals. They say going crazy is an inevitable consequence of living in the Argentinian capital.

A history of violent repressive dictatorships and economic meltdowns has thrown many Argentinians into crisis.

But there is a voice of hope resonating throughout the city – coming from none other than two patients from Argentina’s largest psychiatric hospital.

Julio and Eduardo host one of the most popular radio shows in the country guided by their psychologist Alfredo. Loony Radio’s slogan “breaking down the walls” describes a two-way therapy where inmates enjoy their connection to the outside world and audiences enjoy some free psychotherapy in a mad world.

“There is insanity inside the asylum which is pathological”, says one patient, “but outside the insanity is consumerism and working life”.