Child Miners-1 Witness
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Child Miners

Young children carry out back-breaking work in Bolivia’s tin mines.

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Filmmaker: Rodrigo Vazquez

Jorge would like to be a lawyer but has no choice other than to work all day until his back hurts. Alex works in the mine because he has nothing to eat. He does not tell his mother about his work because it makes her cry.

These thirteen year old boys sneak into mines that the adults find too dangerous or too unproductive for the back-breaking labour it entails. For the small amounts of tin left in the exhausted mountains of the Andes the boys have to work in silence in case the rocks fall on them. If there is an accident the managers at the mine don’t want to take responsibility for it.

Filmmaker Rodrigo Vazquez found children too young to work mining for tin in Bolivia. Trade Union managers turn a blind eye to assist the children’s families but dangers due to illness and accidents condemn these kids to short lives of back-breaking labour.