Maid for Sale

Maid For Sale

Spare a thought for Sri Lankan housemaids working in Lebanon.

Director: Dima Al-Joundi

Training for work in Lebanon

Sri Lankan housemaids working in Lebanon are often tied by debts into a form of bonded labour, making them as good as chained to the kitchen sink.

For the lucky few, their work will be a ticket out of poverty – albeit at a high personal price. They have to abandon their own families for years at a time and some are locked up in their employers’ homes to prevent escape. Suicide is sometimes the only way out.

Filmmaker Dima Al-Joundi presents women’s lives that are literally, maid for sale.

Your Comments:

I think this is an issue not only in Lebanon but in many other countries even here in Africa people should learn to understand other people’s problems because these girls sacrifice a lot to go and work; Mistreating them is not the thing to do. They need help and care from the families they work for. This is a real big shame especially for a person who is God-fearing.
Lukwanzi, Uganda

I am an American who used to live in Kuwait and yes I saw some abuse toward the maids there. I had a lovely girl who was from Sri Lanka for two years and we treated her as one of the family. Some people have no shame and no morals regarding themselves or the treatment of others. God will deal with them. Priayanga was loved by us all.
Karen, USA

The way how maids treated not only in LEBANON but also in the Middle East is completely unIslamic and unacceptable. Please let’s do good for others so as to get the best for ourselves.
Yusuf, Ethiopia

Mr Rageh, I watch your WITNESS programme often and I get thrilled everytime I watch it. I make sure my parents and my younger ones watch it whenever it is aired. I was overjoyed with passion when I watched Border Crossing, Maid for Sale, Gaza Fixer and the special programme you did at your home country at Mogadishu a few weeks back. To Rageh and the Witness crew, Keep the fire burning and the sky is your limit.
Idris, Nigeri

It’s sad to see the Lebanese behave like this. I have also read that maids are no better off in Saudi Arabia or in Israel. Such a shame, the people who employ maids forget they are dealing with human beings. They should be helpful and grateful that someone is doing this work, instead of abusing them and treating them so poorly. I love Lebanon and its people, but this disappoints me very much.
Fatima, Algeria

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