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What is the state of Black people in America? | We Need To Talk

Jecorey Arthur is the youngest councilperson-elect for Louisville, Kentucky, where people took to the streets to protest the grand jury decision to not indict police officers for the death of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman shot and killed by police at her home.

For the first episode of our new digital show We Need To Talk, our host Malika Bilal sat down with Arthur to discuss the upcoming US election and the Black agenda.

“I’ve been taught not only through my elders, but also through lived experiences that Democrats and Republicans are two wings of the same bird,” Arthur told Al Jazeera.

We Need to Talk is Al Jazeera Digital’s flagship interview show that engages newsmakers, politicians, scholars and activists in conversation about issues at the core of the upcoming 2020 United States elections. Bilal is an award-winning journalist who has interviewed heads of state and other global leaders at the network.