What’s behind the rise of the far right in Europe?

Marc Lamont Hill discusses the rise of far-right parties in Europe and the upcoming EU elections.

About 400 million Europeans are eligible to vote in June to elect their representatives to the European Parliament.

Far-right parties once considered fringe are predicted to make major gains, reflecting a growing trend of support for far-right parties across Europe. In some countries like Italy, the Netherlands, Finland and Hungary, populist right-wing parties have even won elections or entered into government.

How is the rise of the far right changing Europe’s political landscape? And what’s at stake for the rest of the world?

This week on UpFront, Marc Lamont Hill talks to Cas Mudde, political scientist and professor at the University of Georgia, and Marta Lorimer, a fellow in European politics at the London School of Economics European Institute, to assess the rise of Europe’s far right and how it’s influencing mainstream politics.