Former Israeli security agency chief: Netanyahu wants an endless war

Marc Lamont Hill challenges former head of Israeli navy and former director of Israel’s security service Ami Ayalon.

After five months of Israel’s brutal bombing campaign and siege of Gaza, which has killed more than 30,000 Palestinians and seen Israel facing a genocide case at the International Court of Justice, negotiations continue and a ceasefire may be imminent.

In the meantime, the humanitarian situation in Gaza is intensifying with shortages of food, water and basic medicine. And as people near starvation, there are reports of people eating grass and animal feed to survive.

Can Israel realistically achieve its objectives? And will there be accountability for any war crimes committed?

On UpFront this week, Marc Lamont Hill interviews Ami Ayalon, former commander-in-chief of the Israeli navy and former director of Israel’s security service, about Israel’s violations of international law in its war on Gaza.