From: UpFront

What makes someone a ‘feminist’?

We debate whether all women’s choices can be considered ‘feminist’.

As a new generation of feminists have risen up around the world in what’s been called “Third Wave” or “Choice” feminism, many are questioning: should feminists support all women’s choices or are some choices actually holding women back? 

“People can make personal choices as much as they want, but how does that contribute to the liberation of all women?” asks Meghan Murphy.

“I believe in a variety of approaches to feminism,” says Jamia Wilson, adding that she believes that liberation will come when society dismantles patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy, and imperialism, but that she also knows that “different people have different experiences and theories of change about how to get to liberation”.

So, what makes a feminist?

In this week’s Arena, we debate this with Meghan Murphy, founder of Feminist Current, and Jamia Wilson, executive director at Feminist Press. 

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