Sadiq Khan on Brexit and the backlash

We speak to London’s mayor, and ask fmr Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso why he supports impeaching Dilma Rousseff.

In this week’s UpFront, we ask London Mayor Sadiq Khan who’s to blame for the rising xenophobia gripping the UK.

In the Reality Check, we look at the threat of antibiotic resistance. And in a special interview, we ask former Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso about why he supports the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff.

Headliner – Sadiq Khan: ‘Leave’ camp must explain rising xenophobia

Just a week after Britain’s vote to exit the EU, the UK is facing a potential economic downturn, a political crisis and a spate of racist attacks.

During the referendum, those on both sides of the debate accused each other of lies, smears and racism, but with Islamophobic and racist abuse now on the rise, who is to blame for the spike in attacks?

In this week’s Headliner, Mehdi Hasan speaks to London mayor Sadiq Khan, who says the leaders of the “Leave” campaign must explain why there is now a sharp increase in racist attacks.

“You can’t escape the fact that the [Leave] campaign was horrible,” he adds.

When asked how best to combat Islamophobic rhetoric, the London mayor says the country must “beat it one person at a time, one newspaper at a time, one media outlet at a time.”

Watch more of Mehdi Hasan’s interview with Sadiq Khan, in which they discuss the political crisis facing the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn.

Reality Check: Why you should be afraid of an antibiotic apocalypse

“We are in a post-antibiotic era”, World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan declared earlier this year.

Her warning echoed a recent report that found antimicrobial resistance was responsible for more than 700,000 deaths worldwide in 2014 alone and could kill more than 10 million people each year by 2050.

Despite the warnings, antibiotic use in humans and livestock continues to grow in many countries. Scientists say misuse and overuse of the drugs are two of the main contributors to resistance.

In this week’s Reality Check, Mehdi Hasan highlights the real threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Is Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff a victim of a coup?

Just weeks ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Brazil is facing a major political and economic crisis.

Suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is awaiting a final vote on her ongoing impeachment trial over charges that she broke budgetary rules during her re-election campaign. Supporters of the leader, however, say she is the victim of a coup.

In a special interview, Mehdi Hasan speaks to former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso about why he supports Rousseff’s impeachment.

“This is a crime against the constitution. This is a political crime. It is a lack of responsibility,” Cardoso says.

The former president also expresses concern over how Rousseff’s impeachment proceedings might affect Brazil’s image at time when Rio will be hosting the summer Olympic Games.

“I would prefer to have a more sound nation to show the world,” Cardoso says.

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