Edward Snowden speaks to Mehdi Hasan

We also look at the narrative regarding refugees, and ask an Iraqi ambassador if it is time to consider a partition.

In the premiere episode of Al Jazeera’s new current affairs programme, Mehdi Hasan speaks with Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg. He also debunks Europe’s response to the so-called ‘migrant’ crisis, and debates the likelihood of partition in Iraq with the country’s ambassador to the US.

The Headliner: Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg

I can't shop at Walmart, but I can still lecture at Princeton

by Edward Snowden

When Edward Snowden leaked US government secrets in 2013, he transformed the debate over privacy, liberty and security worldwide.

In UpFront’s Headliner segment Snowden responds to his critics, including presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

He describes his life in exile and comments on what it would take for him to return to the US. Mehdi Hasan also asks whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg if the ends justifies the means.

Reality Check: The truth about Europe and the refugee crisis

A heartbreaking image of a lifeless child on a beach in Turkey has gripped the world’s attention, igniting calls for European countries to aid the thousands of refugees fleeing conflict.

In UpFront’s Reality Check, Hasan exposes the false narratives surrounding the so-called ‘migrant’ crisis.

The Arena: Is it time for Iraq to consider a formal partition?

ISIL remains in control of a third of Iraq’s territory and massive protests have rocked Baghdad, prompting some to ask if it is time for the country to consider a formal partition?

Hasan poses this to the Iraqi ambassador to the US, Lukman Faily, in the Arena segment.

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