Tutu''s Children - Vincent Waiswa Bagiire
Vincent rose to early success in the communications industry [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]
Tutu's Children

Vincent Bagiire: ‘A classic politician’

Being the classic politician, Vincent Bagiire needs to find new ways to approach old problems of poverty and illiteracy.

Vincent Waiswa Bagiire is the vice-chairman of the Ugandan parliament’s IT committee.

“Corruption is getting more and more sophisticated.”

– Vincent Waiswa Bagiire, a member of Ugandan parliament

With the worries of his rural constituents on his shoulders, Vincent needs to find new ways to approach old problems of poverty, illiteracy, exclusion and disempowerment.

An IT manager at the age of just 22, he has risen to early success in communications but can he communicate his message as a leader?

Being the classic politician, what insights can he share with the group about the corridors of power?


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