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How Israel is weaponising arbitrary arrests of Palestinians

Since October 7, Palestinians held by Israel have described horrific treatment and torture, especially in military detention centres.

Even in regular times, Palestinians accuse the Israeli government of weaponising arbitrary arrests and say they face discrimination and abuse in the Israeli penal system. But after October 7, the scale and severity of abuse and lack of accountability have increased massively. With government ministers boasting of putting prisoners on “starvation diets” and some inmates even dying from torture, being arrested as a Palestinian – often without charge or trial – seems to be more dangerous than ever.

Presenter: Anelise Borges

Barca Odeh – Former detainee
Basil Nasir – Brother of detainee Layan Nasir
Noa Sattath – Executive director, Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Jenna Abuhasna – Addameer International advocacy officer