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Why are Gen Z broke?

In this episode, we look at why Gen Z around the world are broke and whether they deserve the bad reputation for their lifestyle choices.

Gen Z are struggling financially. A 2023 survey of Gen Z in 44 countries suggested that around half of them were living paycheck to paycheck and almost half needed a side job. So why are Gen Z broke?

“Gen Z spends all their money on avocado toast and coffee and all they do is sit on social media and they don’t wanna work” – or such is the perception of the financial woes afflicting Gen Z. Studies show that Gen Z are the generation least likely to have savings or a plan for the future when it comes to money – but the “doomers” also report very little hope in the future.

Presenter: Myriam Francois

Grace Blakeley – Author and economics commentator
Anushka Rathod – Finance content creator
Max Lu – YouTuber