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The other side of sport?

On Monday, May 9 at 19:30GMT:
Sports is truly a global phenomenon. Events like the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics bring in hundreds of millions of viewers around the world and the spectator sports industry is worth billions of dollars. The most talented players are transformed into global superstars who, like their counterparts in Hollywood and the music industry, become idolised by millions.

But the glamour and the spectacle of the games we love is often marred by a long history of racism, corruption and cheating.

In his book “The Dilly Dong Bell,” Lee Wellings uses specific scandals from the world of sport to show how they mirror our everyday lives.

“Sports fans often pick a player to cheer. We sometimes turn it into good versus bad, hero against villain, and ultimately there is a winner and a loser.” Wellings writes. But what happens when your favourite star is accused of abuse? Or the team you’ve followed since childhood is led by an unethical leader?

In this episode of the Stream Lee Wellings and sports activist and CBC journalist Shireen Ahmed discuss the responsibility of sports in society, and the impact of racism and misogyny.

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:
Lee Wellings, @LeeW_Sport
Author, The Dilly Dong Bell

Shireen Ahmed, @_shireenahmed_
Senior Contributor, CBC Sports