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#SudanUprising: Bashir removed but what comes next?

After months of street protests, Sudanese leader’s 30 years in power come to an end

Sudanese Defence Minister General Awad Ibn Auf on Thursday dramatically announced that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir had been toppled and arrested. Ibn Auf, speaking on state television, also declaring the constitution suspended and said the country would be ruled by the military for two years. He said Bashir had been taken to a “safe place” and declared a three-month state of emergency as well the closure of Sudan’s airspace for 24 hours and of border crossings until further notice. All of Sudan’s government’s institutions, including the national assembly and national council of ministers, have been dissolved, Ibn Auf added, assuring that Sudan would prepare for “free and fair” elections.


As the news broke, tens of thousands of Sudanese took to the streets of the capital Khartoum in jubilation, dancing and chanting anti-Bashir slogans. Protesters outside the defence ministry shouted: “It has fallen, we won!” But some in Sudan have rejected the army’s move as a “coup conducted by the regime”.


“The regime has conducted a military coup by bringing back the same faces and the same institutions which our people rose against,” the Alliance for Freedom and Change said in a statement. We take a look at how the Sudanese people are responding to the monumental news and ask, what happens next?  

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:
Ismail Kushkush @ikushkush 

Dalia Elroubi 
Member, Sudanese Congress Party

Ahmed Kodouda @NileNomad
Phd student, George Washington University

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