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What can be done to fight growing anti-Semitism in the US?

Some Jewish American groups say US politicians and online hate speech are fueling anti-Jewish sentiment.

In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, what should be done to fight anti-Semitism in the US?

Eleven people were killed last month in what has been described as the deadliest attack on Jews in the United States. After taken into custody, the alleged gunman, a white man named Robert Bowers, told authorities that “he wanted all Jews to die” and that “they were committing genocide to his people.” Hours before the shooting, Bowers also posted an online rant aimed at a Jewish American organisation that helps refugees move to the US.  

In the US, anti-Semitic incidents increased by 56.7 percent in 2017, according to the Anti-Defamation League. Jewish American groups that track anti-Semitism blame the surge on political rhetoric that emboldens white nationalists and online environments that easily allow racist conspiracy theories to flourish.

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Talia Lavin @chick_in_kiev
Extremism researcher, Media Matters for America

Rabbi Mark Goodman @RabbiMarkAsherG
Spiritual leader, Brith Shalom Jewish Center

Tara Isabella Burton @NotoriousTIB

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