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The fall of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff

What does the future hold for Brazil after the impeachment of the former president?

Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff was officially stripped of her presidential powers last Wednesday, concluding the long political saga that has divided the country for months. The results from the Senate vote had some celebrating and others protesting.

Rousseff was impeached on charges of breaking budgetary laws. She denied the charges and maintains her innocence.   

While many welcomed the decision to remove Rousseff, others have found the move an attack on Brazil’s democratic process. Some have even labeled it as a coup orchestrated by political conservatives.

Hours after one president was ousted and replaced by another, thousands of Brazilians flooded the streets calling for new elections and demanding the resignation of Michel Temer, the newly appointed leader.

Temer has promised a “new era” of government. But his political record and own links to corruption scandals have left many asking if things will be any different. The events have even drawn a line between generations, with older and younger Brazilians torn over how to move the country forward.

So, now that Rousseff is out, what’s next for the country? Brazilians join us to discuss the political fallout one week after #ImpeachmentDay

On today’s episode, we speak to: 

Eduardo Heck de Sa
Economist & activist

Felipe Camozzato @felipezcam
Pro-impeachment activist

Lucas de Aragão @LucasdeAragao
Director, Arko Advice

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia @Tsavkko
Blogger, The Angry Brazilian

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