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Rethinking zoos

Is it worth the cost to cage animals?

The benefit of zoos and aquariums, and the role that they play in animal conservation, has always been divisive. The debate was sparked once again after the deadly shooting of a gorilla to save the life of a young child that fell into its enclosure.

Some groups say zoo animals are bred to be ambassadors for their species and are essentially being sacrificed so their entire species can live. They also serve as educational centres. But others believe  that animals should not live in captivity whatsoever, and point to recent incidents where animals have revolted in response to their condition.

We’ll get into both sides of this debate at 19:30 GMT. Join us with your thoughts.  

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Azzedine Downes @action4ifaw 
CEO, International Fund for Animal Welfare

James Borrell @James_Borrell
Conservation biologist and founder, Discover Conservation

Adam Roberts @BornFreeUSA  
CEO, Born Free USA                                                                                          

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